VPNs - Virtuell private networks
VPN is the technology that lets company networks "connect" tap-proof.

Field Managers are able to access their company’s network via an internet connection on their laptop, without others being able to do so. Doctors are able to access their patient’s information, which is saved at the practice, during their home calls; lawyers are able to access the practice server and the documents that are saved on the server during court hearings.

You can connect the different locations worldwide via VPN-technology or only one office with different places of employment; the most important thing is the right planning in advance.

Abridgment out of our list of references: (Examples of net&rights’ previous work)

Doctors practices, Bielefeld/ Law firms, Cologne

Remote maintenance
The option to perform maintenance on the practice server under the supervision of the doctor when he is somewhere else.

Home Employment
Installation of Home–Office–workspaces, which provide access over the Internet to the practice or the law intern computer networks.

ICON-INSTITUTE GmbH & Co KG Consulting Group, Cologne

Integration of different locations
Transparent integration of branch offices, which are located both within and outside of the country, with the main company network in Cologne. The computers within the network are able to access the data that is saved in Cologne or the intranet pages without adaption of the configuration.

Home Office
Installation of laptops, which are able to access the main company network in Cologne through the internet from anywhere in the world.

Gentas GmbH, Overath

Integration of different locations / Access for field manager
Transparent integration of branch offices with the main company network in Overath and the creation of an option for the field manager to access the main company network through the internet.